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CubeRevo nlb8340

login: root
password: relook

Prepared by : Dexter & pen1010b
Release date : October 23. 2008
* added: NLB Panel (start with green button) onscreen menu, webif alternative
* added: Incubus camd v0.5 (not configured! will crash box if not configured)
* added: mount usb stick or Harddrive with Windows filesystem at bootup
* added: format usb stick with Windows filesystem in Webif
* added: hdd sleep period configure option
* added: restore var from usb
* added: switch between nlb and dgs webif (dgs webif has WebTV support!)
* added: plugins - tetris,pong,sudoku,weather
* updated: cam scripts
* updated: mbox Build 0015
* updated: format usb stick with Linux filesystem for multiboot in webif
* updated: Full German translation update (Byti)
* updated: Full Swedish translation update (Wikings1)
* updated: Full Danish translation update (pen1010b)
* updated: Documentation on nlb mod features.
* fixed: mount usb stick with Windows filesystem
* fixed: multiboot - now supports usb_all and usb_all_noboot images
* Thanks to Byti,Spiderman,Wikings1,teleka for intensive testing and reports



include: mbox 3.10.2008 (0.4 Build 0005)
fixed: cam scripts
-----: if img file was found on usb stick, cam script closed
-----: causing freeze or no decoding
fixed: skins
fixed: /var/bin/soft reference
fixed: IP9 USB Stick setup as HDD, must be above 2GB,
------ 128MB swap is allocated.
updated: reversed to busybox from previous release DGS SVN8022.. killall did not work
updated: Multiboot is updated to support usb stick changes
updated: Full German translation update (Byti)
updated: Full Danish translation update (pen1010b)
updated: Documentation on nlb mod features.



login: root
password: relook

Prepared by : Dexter
Release date : November 3. 2008
* updated: SVN8421 update with fixed DIVX player (libsync issue fix)!!
* updated: nlb panel with internet update
* updated: mgcamd 1.31 included (fixes old need for mgcamd130, and this is now gone)
* fixed: swap setup with HDD and USB
* fixed: skins updated to 3.3, thanks to zbigzbig and Crash for making quick updates
* added: NLB Panel 1.33 (start with green button) onscreen menu, webif alternative
* added: plugins added - WebEPG 0.1 (Readme in the /data folder)
* updated: cam scripts with bigger timeout
* updated: mbox Build 0015 (the one with gbox support)
* updated: Full German translation 8421 update (Byti)
* updated: Full Danish translation 8421 update (pen1010b)
* included: Documentation on nlb mod features.
* added: Enable/disable hdd swap at bootup.


Tak to prawda co napisał Shido of Mizarr to był początek wojny z German Dream, natomiast jeśli chodzi o moje prawdziwe imię to jestem Kamil także miło mi was poznać. Dziękuje też jak na razie za przychylne głosy. :]

Thx Shido of Mizarr, that is true. I died on a battle in thais during war between German Dream and Apocalyptic Raiders. However, if it about my real name, i'm Kamil and nice to mitch you.

(I apologize for possible errors in english translation )

Translation software for document and web pages as well as web site localization with English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese support with access to 12 online dictionaries. Unicode Support. Unlimited translation means that you may translate anything as long as you desire.

- Translate whatever you can imagine, document, web contents, letters, chats, and emails and more.
- Translation among 11 language: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
- Build-in, full-featured Word processor.
- Support Microsoft Word, Notepad, WordPAD, Adobe Acrobat, Outlook Express, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Frontpage and more.
- 100% Unicode compatible.
- Unicode Viewer enables users to automatically download Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian fonts from Microsoft website, when neccessary.
- Open a wide variety of documents, .DOC, .RTF and .TXT.
- Save or print the translated text with a print.
- Multilingual user interface: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese.
- Windows Vista compatibility certificated. Native support for Windows 95/98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003

File Size: 5.41Mb


Welcome/Добро пожаловать/Ласкаво просимо/ĂźdvĂśzlĂśm

everybody in our polish Cossacks Center. In we speak about all cossacks cups, leagues, clans, events. We have big download sections, write news and articles, but mainly in polish language. This place is for You. We invite You to common talks with us. :)

Most of us know polish and english language. I speak german lang also. Maximus and Moriendi could speak in russian or ukrainian, so You can use us to translate text from your language to english or polish.

Nobody speak hungarian, so sorry.

Witam Koleżeństwo

Aby sprostać pewnemy założeniu i opcji która może uszczęśliwić większość Kolegów na forum poszukujących regulatorów Waltherowskich pojawiło się pewne światełko w tunelu

A mianowicie potrzebuję tłumaczenie zrobione przez tłumacza przysięgłego fragmentu naszej ustawy określającej co jest bronią pneumatyczną a co nie jest.
Poniżej odpowiedź od potencjalnego dostawcy:

"if you can send me a proof that 16 Joule accessories AND weapons are NOT subjected to license in Poland I can export.
This proof I need in German or English.
E.g. law text with proofed translation (stamped by official translator).
Unfortunately in Germany these items are licensed. Therefore I need a German export permit. Otherwise I cannot export."

Jeśli jest na forum jakiś tłumacz przysięgły to proszę o kontakt. Ewentualnie zasugerujcie inne rozwiązanie.



Newnigma2 team proudly presents:
Newnigma2 v2.7

Enigma2 2.6: 22.08.2009
Enigma2 Plugins 2.6: 22.08.2009
Newnigma2 Plugins: 22.08.2009

DM 800 HD PVR DM 8000 HD PVR DM 7025+ DM 600 PVR
driver 22.8.2009 * 20.8.2009 20.7.2009 07.07.2009
secondstage 74 74 61 66

* another dm800 driver update (deinterlacer auto handling was not working okay)

udev 124 version
new startup with for better udev support
better support for mounts of internal hdd
latest gstreamer core and gst-plugins-base
configurationssaver: fully support for mpcs config
configurationssaver (typo, message while ipkg update, added missing translation *german*)
add CrashlogAutoSubmitter
add dreambox-tpmd
DeviceManager: fix bs in some strange conditions
BrushedAlu-HD: new movieplayer and locationbox screens
DMM-HD-Skin: fix mediaplayer screen, add missing png's, add CrashlogAutoSubmitConfiguration screen, even more pig's, add pig, fix crashing cutlisteditor
changed subtitles font color to white on all skins
add missing color for RassInteractive plugin in newnigma2 skins
some small modifications on newnima2-HD
add enigma2-plugin-extensions-genuinedreambox

weather plugin now supports more cities / HD ready

new at our feeds:
Sportinfos v1.7

curl version 7.19.0

Because of once more numerous changes by DMM an online update from v2.6.1 to v2.7 is not possible. So, image has to be reflashed.
We recommend to create a backup of your configs with our configurationsaver and restore your settings after flashing.

Support of our images is restricted to installation directly into flash because of well-known reasons.
Help for multiboot-systems are excluded from now on. Thank you for understanding this decision.

Have fun with our latest image, your
Newnigma2 Team